Do You Need An Eye Cream?

The eye area tends to show aging before other parts of the face. Good skincare can help arrest these signs of aging and keep eyes looking fresh, but do you really need to use a separate product around your eyes? If you are using well-formulated products on the rest of your face, these may work just fine for the eye area, however, if you have certain eye-specific concerns or conditions, an eye cream might be an effective addition to your skincare regimen.

The eye area is more sensitive than the rest of the face and also tends to be drier. If this describes you, you may want to begin using a heavier, more emollient eye cream. This is particularly true if the rest of your face tends to be oily, since products you are using may be lighter weight and will likely provide insufficient moisture to your eye area.

Since the eye area is sensitive, you want to avoid products that could potentially irritate your skin. Look for formulas free of fragrances and alcohols. Test a small amount of the product on your skin and watch for redness, peeling etc. before committing to daily use.

Determining whether an eye cream will even help address your eye related aging concerns is key before committing to an eye cream. Puffiness is a good example for this. If you have puffiness caused by fat pads rather than by lack of sleep, eye creams won’t do anything to fix that. However if wrinkles are your issue, the eye area generally responds well to well formulated anti aging products.

If you do decide to use an eye cream, read labels carefully and look for similar ingredients that you would for other skincare, for example, retinol, vitamin C, and peptides for anti aging and hyaluronic acid for moisture.

Go for a product with packaging that will maintain the integrity of the product: think opaque containers that don't let light in. A tube may be a better option than a jar, as a tube allows you to disperse a small amount of cream without contaminating the product with dirty fingers. Additionally, with an eye cream, you want to go small since you only need about a pea sized amount of cream per eye. Anything in a container larger than about a half ounce or so may lose efficacy before you finish it.

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