Skincare Routines for Men: Why You Should Care, and How to Get Started

While some men have embraced skincare routines, a lot of men don’t do much to their skin, and have no clue what they could or should be doing. Social ideas dictating that it isn’t cool for men to care about their appearances are clearly outdated, but likely play a role in how some men approach skincare. Which may be to ignore it completely. Or to buy the heavily marketed but ineffective product because a lumberjack was in the ad.

Your skin, being a part of your body (the largest organ, in fact), should be something you take care of. If you wouldn’t neglect your diet, exercise regimen, sleep habits, etc, don’t neglect your skin, either. The benefits of a decent skincare routine include healthier looking skin and a more youthful appearance: positive things that are fairly easily achievable with some small tweaks to your daily habits.

Net net: Don’t be the guy who uses nothing but bar soap and deodorant. Here are some tips for men around how to adopt a skincare routine that will work for you:

Shocker: Men’s skin isn’t dramatically different from women’s. There are some differences (men can grow a beard and have larger oil and sweat glands, for example) but these don’t change the skin’s essential needs. The same ingredients that work for women will work equally well for men’s skin.

Don’t be fooled by marketing. “Manly” smells and packaging may be hiding less than stellar formulations, again, something unisex may work just as well or better. How to ensure that a product’s formulation is an effective one? Check out this post for tips.

Decide what your main concern is and pick ingredients that target it. Troubled by acne or oily skin? Look for products with salicylic acid (BHA), which is proven to improve pore function and fade marks from previous breakouts. Is aging a concern? Retinol and vitamin C are your friends. Dry skin your main issue? Hyaluronic acid is a moisturizing superstar.

Keep it simple. Pick a routine that is simple enough you will stick to it. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize is the basic skincare trifecta, but know yourself: if this seems like too much, stick to a cleanser and a moisturizer that target your skin type and/or skin concerns. Once you have that down, you can add in a toner, or perhaps a serum.

Keep it consistent. The best intentions won’t do anything for your skin if you use your chosen products twice and quit, or only remember once a week. Help yourself out and keep your stuff in an easily viewable location (next to your toothbrush perhaps?) so you will actually use them until your routine becomes ingrained.

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