Skincare Products 101: How to Layer

Incorporating multiple steps and products into your skincare regimen will usually yield better results. However, properly layering products can be tricky, and piling several on your face haphazardly can result in a gunky mess that does nothing for your skin. Read on for some helpful tips on how to most effectively layer your skincare products.

Tip #1: Start with the lightest product

Serums, the lightest product in a skincare regimen, go on first (after cleansing and toning). This allows them to penetrate properly. Creams go on later as these are typically thicker and can penetrate more easily, plus, they work to seal in other products.

Tip #2: Pause between layers

After applying a product, take a break of at least a couple minutes before moving on to the next product. This will allow products to absorb and will prevent pilling, one of the most common pitfalls of product layering.

Tip #3: Oil it up

Facial oils are gaining in popularity: they offer excellent hydration and conditioning, and are formulated so that they will not leave skin overly greasy. If you are using an oil, apply after your skin cream.

Tip #4: Sunscreen always goes last

This will provide your skin with the most effective protection from UV rays.

Tip #5: Avoid irritation

If your serum tends to irritate your skin, you can deviate a bit from the typical product order and apply a simple moisturizer before your serum, which will slightly lessen its effects and reduce irritation.

Tip #6: Nighttime layering

At night, if you use a re-texturizer like a retinol or glycolic acid product, feel free to layer on a cream or oil afterwards, but make sure it’s something thick: a thinner, more watery cream can dilute the re-texturizing product.

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